HE DID IT! This New Graph PROVES That Donald Trump’s Plan Is Working!

Remember back during the campaign? The one thing that President Donald Trump promised more than ANYTHING else? He said, “I am going to be the GREATEST Jobs President that God ever Created!”

Now, President Trump has gone and done what the left claimed was impossible…

More people are quitting their bad jobs now to look for REAL careers than any time since 2001!

This is a sign that Americans are confident in our economy and optimistic about small businesses and entrepreneurship. This graph from the Federal Reserve proves just that!

And workers are not the only people who are confident in the job that President Trump is doing. Now the FED has raised interest rates for the first time in almost a decade!

Obama had been forcing them to artificially “boost” the economy by keeping interest rates dangerously low for YEARS. Under president Trump, our economy is finally free to grow the RIGHT way.

The stock markets are up, the job markets are up, our government is making money WITHOUT robbing people with dumb taxes. America is FINALLY back on track.

If you are proud of President Donald Trump and proud to be an American, then show some pride. Let’s spread this great news from SEA to Shining SEA!