If you have ears you have heard this lie before: “Donald Trump is anti-woman” or ‘Donald Trump perpetuates the patriarchy.’  When liberals find themselves out of their depth in an argument (this usually occurs shortly after ‘Hello”) their go to line is always ‘Donald Trump is …” enter any derogatory name you can here: Racist, Xenophobic, Islamophobic, homophobic, anti-woman’

The idiot liberals who make these arguments refuse to accept the reality that Trump had the first female campaign manager to successful run a Presidential Campaign.  They fail to realize that for decades Trump has been winning awards for his work helping gays and women achieve in the private sector.  President Trump has put many women in positions of power throughout his administration.

If you were to only watch TV (and trust what it tells you) you would think that women in America voted 100:1 for Hillary Clinton.  The fact of the matter is more white women voted for Trump than voted for Hillary.

When Tomi Lahren went on ‘The View’ it was no surprise to see the ‘ladies’ of the show jump down her throat and attack her for supporting Trump.  When they accused her of supporting a misogynist, Lahren’s response DESTROYED HIM …. WATCH:

From Politico:

“If we go back to the campaign…I looked at the things [Trump] said and I looked at the things that Hillary Clinton did.” The 24-year-old conservative commentator reminded proud Hillary voter Behar that the 2016 election’s most prominent loser had stayed married to Bill Clinton, a man accused of rape and guilty of multiple affairs.

Lahren then brought up Trump’s hiring of Kellyanne Conway as his campaign manager.

This whole ‘Trump is anti-woman’ thing, I just don’t buy it, because if he was so anti-woman, why did he select a female to run his campaign? If Kellyanne Conway had been a Democrat, you all at this table would have been applauding her, singing her praises.”

She’s right you know … H/T