As Trump Stepped Off The Plane in Nashville, He Looked Down and Saw This SIGN From God!

President Trump spoke to workers in Detroit this afternoon then flew straight to Nashville, Tennessee. What he saw as he stepped off the plane is truly a sign from God. His speech isn’t until 7:30 PM, but THOUSANDS of people started lining up started lining up at 7:30 AM when it was 23 degrees!! These Patriotic Trump supporters battled 12 hours in the freezing cold in order to see the President speak tonight! JUST TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!

BUT HERE’S THE BEST PART! The Right Side Broadcasting Network spoke to a 6th grader named Clayton who has waited in line for HOURS to see Trump! When asked what his favorite thing about Trump, Clayton responded “that he’s going to build a wall”… TRUMP IS MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN BY WAKING YOUNG PEOPLE UP! Watch & SHARE on Facebook so it goes viral! **Watch Livestream of Trump’s speech below!**

They also spoke to other Trump supporters braving the cold. Deloris drove all the way from Georgia to see President Trump, and she was all decked out in gear. The cold wasn’t going to hold her back!

Here is a livestream of Trump’s speech!