VIDEO: What Trump’s Justice Dept Just Did Shows No Mercy to Obama Wiretaps – This Is Huge!

Trump has the best circumstantial evidence case I have ever seen. The paper trail points to Loretta Lynch & Obama. Of course I understand why these PEDOPHILES R sticking together. TRUMP is a major threat to their way of life & control of the World’s power structure. Every claim that TRUMP has made in the past has always rung TRUE. He is our POTUS & Obama is nothing more than an “?ILLEGAL ALIEN QUEER” who has ripped America off & has done everything he can to undermine the Trump Train & the American Democracy System. He is an Muslim Extremist intent on destroying AMERICA. It is CRIMINAL what he did to the CONSTITUTION. He has broken every Law he could with total disregard to humanity. He should be charged with Treason & sentenced for life.