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FINALLY: Wikileaks releases what we’ve all been WAITING for…

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If former Democrat presidential contender Bernie Sanders deserves credit for anything, it’s casting doubt on the authenticity of Hilary Clinton’s character while he was still in the race. In particular, he pointed out that she had taken in millions from speeches at various Wall Street banks, including nearly $700,000 from Goldman Sachs. While both Democrat candidates portrayed themselves to be the anti-Wall Street candidate, at least Bernie wasn’t previously on their payroll. In two of the Democrat primary debates, Bernie asked Hillary if she’d release the transcripts of her Wall Street speeches, particularly those made at Goldman. She initially stated she’d “look into it,” and later said she’d release them only if Sanders and Trump released their tax returns — a bizarre, apples-and-ora

Donald Trump Addresses Rumors That He’s About To Drop Out: “Zero Chance I’ll Quit”

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Well, that was fast. Donald Trump stands firm, telling the Wall Street Journal on Saturday that there’s “zero chance I’ll quit.” The anticipated announcement came hours after the release of leaked recordings from 2005 of Trump making obscene sexual remarks. The Hill reported: “I’d never withdraw. I’ve never withdrawn in my life,” Trump added in an interview with the Washington Post. “No, I’m not quitting this race. I have tremendous support.” […] Trump released a video late Friday night apologizing for the lewd remarks. “I never said I’m a perfect person nor pretended to be someone I’m not,” Trump said in the video. “I’ve said and done things I regret and the words released today on this more than decade-old video are one of them. These words don’t reflect who I am.

BREAKING! Trump greets supporters gathered outside Trump Tower

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The American people love him. It's that simple. Donald Trump emerged from Trump Tower just moments ago to greet the crowd of supporters that have gathered throughout the day in support of his candidacy despite the backlash he is receiving from a leaked audio tape that is damning to his campaign. A group of his supporters gathered in Manhattan Saturday outside Trump Tower, where top campaign officials and surrogates met throughout the day. Just one day ahead of the Clinton v. Trump debate in St. Louis, the campaign efforts have taken a hit as a result of an eleven-year-old video that surfaced Friday showing Trump openly discussing advancing on women given his power and influence. Crowds Saturday chant...

Wow! The best tweets supporting Trump are from women today!

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Donald Trump real women support you. Everyone knows "What's said in the LockerRoom stays in the Locker Room.

Just In! Pence Just Threw It Back In Paul Ryan’s Face

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According to reports on Saturday, Republican Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence will no longer be attending Paul Ryan's campaign event. The Hill reported: Ryan was originally scheduled to appear with Donald Trump, but Trump was dropped from the event in the wake of the Washington Post publishing leaked audio of Trump making vulgar comments about women in 2005. Pence was supposed to attend in his running mate’s place. But the Indiana governor is "not going to the Wisconsin GOP event today,” according to NBC News. Pence decided himself not to attend the event and was not uninvited by Ryan, according to a Politico reporter. Read full story @ (Link:  

NEW BOMBSHELL: In front of her Wall St. donors, Hillary called the American middle-class a “bucket of losers!”

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In secret meeting with Goldman Sacs, Hillary Clinton tells them exactly how she feels about regular Americans: And another leaked email shows they believe half of ALL Americans are “functional illiterate.” We have another way to describe these Americans they are referring to …..too smart to vote for Hillary. Just how smug is Hillary Clinton and the team surrounding her? Support the Trump Movement and help us fight Liberal Media Bias. Please LIKE and SHARE this story on Facebook or Twitter. via (Link:  

Look Who Got A Pass From The Media For His Lewd Comments About Women

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In the midst of the controversy with Donald Trump's leaked 2005 audio tape of him making lewd comments, an old video has surfaced of Barack Obama being vary vulgar about women in a speech. Barack however was not painted in the same light as Donald Trump. Sounds like a double standard at play once again.  

Here’s what will happen to Hillary if she goes after Trump about leaked 11-year-old audio

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In the next debate, will Hillary Clinton attack Donald Trump on the leak audio from 11 years ago? The AP says it's risky for both candidates: In the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the thrice-married Republican hinted at the Clintons' marital problems and brought up Bill Clinton's infidelities directly soon after. For now, Trump says he won't discuss the subject at Sunday's debate. But he has been known to change his mind. "Let's see what happens," Trump said at a town-hall event Thursday in New Hampshire, referring to whether he will hold off on the topic. "I think we're all better off if we can do that because it is about issues, it is about policies." Hillary Clinton may not want to relive this period. But Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon said ...

BREAKING: Ralph Reed Shocks Media With Huge Trump Announcement After Leaked Audio

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After an audio tape of Donald Trump speaking in a vulgar manner about women and claiming to have tried to seduce a married woman surfaced on Friday afternoon, one of the people you would least expect to stand behind the GOP nominee might be Christian Coalition founder Ralph Reed. Reed, now with the Faith and Freedom Coalition, managed to shock the media with his decision to stand behind the Republican nominee, telling CNN’s Ashley Killough that he thought the tape was distracting from the real issues that Christian voters care about. “I’ve listened to the tape, my view is that people of faith are voting for president on issues like who will defend and protect unborn life, defund Planned Parenthood, grow the economy and create jobs, and oppose the Iran nuclear deal,” Reed said in a st

Checklist of Hillary’s crimes all in 1 case

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UNITED NATIONS – The Department of Justice dropped its case against an American charged with attempting to ship arms to Islamic terrorists. This one story contains pretty much everything that’s wrong with the Clinton-Obama regime: law breaking, deception, aid to Islamist terrorists, the mixing of public and private business and the politicization of all government agencies, including Justice. It’s not like we haven’t seen it before with this crowd, but it’s rare we get to see it all in one place. Now we have. As WND previously reported, on Feb. 11, 2014, the Department of Justice indicted arms dealer Marc Turi for allegedly making false statements in filing to obtain a license to supply weapons to Libya. The indictment essentially said Turi knew that weapons he was ostensibly selling