BREAKING: President Trump Just Expelled Fox News From The White House

After treating Bill O’Reilly like a common criminal for unfounded charges that amount to little more than locker room talk, President Trump has decided that Fox News is no longer welcome at the White House. First, he took steps to secure O’Reilly’s future by hiring him as his new media director for the WHOIP and now he’s taking aim at the network that treated him so unfairly.

President Trump  told OANN in a phone interview:

“Fox can no longer be trusted. To give in like that to fake news allegations against a great man like Bill, who has an outstanding record, and also people love him — to give in is just stupid. They should know better. You guys have a unique opportunity to tell the country what’s really happening.”

OANN offered O’Reilly a job as well but he turned it down to serve at the pleasure of the president. Fox News said in a statement that they regret the president’s decision but they will honor it. They said this will in no way turn them against President Trump nor will they join the fake news media in trashing him with lies.

At least someone over there has some integrity.