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Democrat VP candidate Tim Kaine interrupted Republican opponent Mike Pence a total of 72 times during Tuesday night’s debate, a video from the GOP asserts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHqJGgdPe48 The interruptions made Kaine come off as scared and desperate, according to political pundits including many supportive of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “A little desperate there, jumping in all the time, always trying to get his points in,” said MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. “He didn’t wait his turn. Obviously, if he had just waited his turn, the back-and-forth nature of this kind of event, he would have had his opportunity. I don’t know why he kept interrupting, because with two people debating, the other guy gets the chance to speak. He couldn’t wait for that. I think that hurt

No, Hillary, young voters aren’t naive. The system doesn’t work for them

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t is among the most venerable election rituals of the smartphone era: down the home stretch, a recording surfaces containing embarrassing audio of a candidate elite-’splaining politics to a room of rich, self-satisfied donors. In 2008, Barack Obama was caught talking in San Francisco about Rust Belt left-behinds who “cling” to guns and Bibles. Four years later, Mitt Romney never recovered from his “hopeless 47%” comments in Boca Raton. And last Friday splashed the arrival of Hillary Clinton’s very own “basement tape”, recorded at a fundraiser in a tony Virginia suburb. In it, Clinton is heard caricaturing young Sanders supporters as frustrated, fist-pounding baristas — “living in their parents’ basement” — clinging to their Bernie T-shirts and naive fantasies of system change. Sander

Heckler Calls Bill Clinton ‘A Rapist’ At Campaign Event [VIDEO]

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Bill Clinton was called a “rapist” and accused of harming women during a campaign speech in Canton, Ohio on Wednesday. A woman at the event held up a t-shirt reading “Bill Clinton is a rapist” while also shouting “Bill Clinton harms women” at the former president. She was booed by audience members before being escorted from the venue. Clinton jabbed back at the heckler, though it is unclear if he knew he was being called a rapist. “I tell you one thing,” Clinton said with a wave of his hand. “I love it when people come into my rallies. It’s a dead giveaway when they don’t ever want to have a conversation because they know they’ll lose the conversation.” VIDEO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akvDQGZeHG4   Clinton, who frequently engages hecklers critical of his a

Chelsea Clinton Sticks Her Head In The Sand When Asked About Bill’s Obamacare Takedown [VIDEO]

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Chelsea Clinton flat out ignored a question about her father’s recent criticism of the Affordable Care Act on Wednesday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UGGV5-n4Tg The younger Clinton was speaking to Hillary Clinton supporters in Sioux City, Iowa when an audience member asked her the question. “Yesterday, your father a statement about the Affordable Care Act,” the attendee posed. “I was wondering what Hillary’s plan to fix this is [inaudible].” (VIDEO: Bill Doubles Down On Obamacare Attacks — ‘There’s A Big Problem…’) “So his question was, what does my Mom plan to do to fix the Affordable Care Act, but not scrap as her opponent wants to do,” Clinton stated before totally dodging the question. “There are more than 20 million Americans who now have healthcare thanks to the Af

Obama DOJ drops charges against alleged broker of Libyan weapons

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The Obama administration is moving to dismiss charges against an arms dealer it had accused of selling weapons that were destined for Libyan rebels. Lawyers for the Justice Department on Monday filed a motion in federal court in Phoenix to drop the case against the arms dealer, an American named Marc Turi, whose lawyers also signed the motion. The deal averts a trial that threatened to cast additional scrutiny on Hillary Clinton’s private emails as Secretary of State, and to expose reported Central Intelligence Agency attempts to arm rebels fighting Libyan leader Moammar Qadhafi. Government lawyers were facing a Wednesday deadline to produce documents to Turi’s legal team, and the trial was officially set to begin on Election Day, although it likely would have been delayed by prot

Clinton Foundation refiles three years of tax forms

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Clinton Foundation officials quietly refiled three years of tax-related forms this week after the New York attorney general acknowledged the charity had failed to disclose all of its donors in accordance with state law. Two entities operating within the Clintons' sprawling philanthropic network — the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Clinton Global Initiative — submitted supplementary financial disclosures for different years between 2012 and 2014 while denying Tuesday that the attorney general's office had asked them to do so. "The Clinton Foundation is properly registered to solicit funds under Article 7A, which requires organizations to register before they solicit funds in New York," said Ricardo Castro, general counsel for the Clinton Foundation. Donald Trump's eponymo

Complaints that Hillary Clinton Lied Under Oath Are ‘Pending’ at the FBI

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FBI director James Comey confirmed Wednesday that the FBI has received referrals to investigate Hillary Clinton for allegedly lying under oath to Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee on Benghazi. Comey made the admission at a U.S. House hearing, where he was grilled over his decision to not recommend indictment for Clinton in the private email server case. Breitbart News has reported on Comey’s financial links to the Clinton Foundation. Comey said that complaints are “pending” but would not confirm the existence of an investigation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qi_8VACwdNA