Bernie Sanders Comments On Clintons Getting $1 Million From Deutsche Bank

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"The business model of the largest banking institutions around the world - from Wells Fargo To Deutsche Bank - is Fraud," exclaimed Bernie Sanders, after being asked whether Hillary Clinton should return the $1 million she received from Deutsche - ":a fraudulent business." Sanders also added that The Clinton Foundation's donations "raised serious questions" with regard the relationship to the prospective president. Yes he dodged the question, but still, not exactly vote-inspiring stuff. Source:


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Never before seen video shows President Barack Obama complaining about white privilege during a 1990 trip to Kenya. The footage, filmed and narrated by Obama’s sister Auma, shows the president on his first trip to Kenya as a young man in his 20s. Michelle Obama also accompanied her husband on the trip. Obama says in the film: “I’m deeply saddened by a sense that whites are still superior in this country, in some sense, that if you sit at a restaurant, they’re served before a Kenyan is served. If you go through customs, a white person is going to have an easier time going through customs.” Obama also warns that “things could explode at any point” as a result of the resentment black Kenyans have towards white people. At one point in the movie Obama says he

Hillary Clinton Had Bill’s Mixed Race Son Banished

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Bobbie Ann Williams, a Little Rock street hooker, says she and Bill did cocaine together, as well as having a foursome with 2 other prostitutes in the country cabin of Bill Clinton’s mother, while Clinton was serving as governor in 1983-1984. Williams claims Bill Clinton sired her son Danny in 1985, though Clinton– deadbeat dad that he is– never claimed or supported him. Williams has started a Facebook page as a public figure, seemingly putting pressure on Bill Clinton to acknowledge him as a son. “My name is Danney Lee Williams, I’m the son of the 42nd President of the United States -Bill Clinton. He abandon me at birth for political gain,” he wrote, apparently using an alternate spelling of his first name. https://twit

BREAKING: WikiLeaks Reveals The Person Hillary Wanted to Murder

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WikiLeaks has stirred up speculation again that it will be releasing damaging information about Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton on Tuesday — potentially fulfilling a promise of an “October surprise.” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was set to give a speech from the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he has obtained asylum, but he canceled that due to “security threats.” The WikiLeaks Twitter feed posted a link to a True Pundit article that highlighted how Clinton had once asked “Can’t we just drone this guy,” referring to Assange. No wonder he probably doesn’t feel safe giving a public address where he might expose Clinton’s corruption to the world — and lose his life in the process. Assange has made i

Clinton cancels joint events with Sanders

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The Hillary Clinton campaign has canceled joint appearances with former primary opponent Bernie Sanders after he admitted that "of course" it bothered him that Clinton seemed to be talking down to his supporters in hacked audio from a fundraiser. The two were set to have joint appearance together Monday. Instead, Sanders will appear in both Iowa and Wisconsin on Monday to boost her candidacy without her. Clinton is now scheduled to swing through Iowa later in the week, but possibly without Sanders, who was asked on CNN's "State of the Union" if it bothered him that Clinton had referred to his younger supporters as "the children of the great recession" who "live in their parents' basement" to Democratic Party donors. "Well look, of course it does," said Sanders, but he went on to r...

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton on Assange “Can’t we just drone this guy”

2016 Election, Democrats Julian Assange and his free-speech brainchild Wikileaks were once lauded as global heroes of public service among United States politicians and policy makers. But by 2010, four years after its inception during the President George W. Bush administration, Assange and his organization were no longer considered lovable troublemakers and mavericks. A year into President Barack Obama’s first term, Wikileaks was suddenly considered an out-of-control free-speech Frankenstein wreaking havoc on United States foreign policy and intelligence gathering at the direction of Assange, its proverbial Dr. Frankenstein. The honeymoon for the whistle-blower web site, once a darling of the Democratic Party, was now over. Even more alarming, Assan

Breaking: Julian Assange makes unexpected announcement on “October Surprise”

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Wikileaks has abruptly canceled a much-anticipated announcement on Tuesday, according to NBC News. The announcement had been expected to be founder Julian Assange’s long-promised document dump on Hillary Clinton. NBC’s Jesse Rodriguez reported that the Tuesday announcement — which was to come from the balcony of London’s Ecuadorian Embassy, where Assange has sought sanctuary for years – was canceled due to “security concerns”. Wikileaks has not said when it will now make its “announcement”. Assange appeared on Fox News last month, repeating his assertion that Wikileaks has damaging documents on Clinton and suggested WikiLeaks may soon release “teasers”. More


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If you’ve watched the news, or read an article, or opened your eyes at all recently, it’s likely that you heard Hillary Clinton’s claim that Russia is “hacking Americans”—her words. Also, we now know that she was actively involved with hiding Bill’s “activities” so that the public wouldn’t find out, and then lied about it to keep it hidden. All of this information is now out in the open. And, during Bill Clinton’s impeachment, the First Lady said any claims that her husband was having an affair were part of a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” When Hillary Clinton blames something on a conspiracy, her words have historically been, well, a conspiracy—that’s a documented fact. In Hillary’s recent speech, she berated a cartoon frog, accosted Alex Jones, blamed Russia for the DNC leaks, and said