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WATCH – Black Woman Explains Why We Need Trump, MILLIONS Are Spreading It!

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A patriotic black woman’s pro-Trump video has now gone viral. The American woman is tired of career politicians and is urging everyone to vote for the outsider and change maker before the country is too far gone to recover from eight years of failed policies. “Trump tells it like it is,” the woman proudly states on the now viral video. “He’s hip and, of course, he doesn’t take no S-H-I… you guys know what.” The woman goes on to accurately inform the viewers that Donald Trump’s “they,” meaning the political elite and mainstream media, don’t like him because he is so blunt. Again, the woman spoke the unvarnished truth when adding that his unyielding dedication to brutal honesty is exactly why We the People n

THEY TRIED TO HIDE IT! Wikileaks Releases Single Email That Hits Hillary HARD…

2016 Election, US News
Do you recall when Barack Obama said he didn’t know about then-SecState Hillary Clinton’s private email server? The media probably doesn’t. We later learned that 44 used a pseudonym when communicating with Clinton. Now, another WikiLeaks reveal shows an attempt by Hillary’s team to shield Obama the day after her emails were subpoenaed. Can you say, cover-up? Because that’s what this is. Everyone knew that Clinton was in the wrong, and they all went along for the ride.

FBI IN REVOLT: Top FBI Official Exposes Massive Corruption Which Let Clinton’s Crimes Slide

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Washington, D.C. – A high-ranking FBI official has blown the whistle on what they say was a politically motivated, top-down decision to not recommend Hillary Clinton face criminal charges for her mishandling of classified intelligence. The anonymous source that worked intimately on the Clinton investigation told Fox News that FBI agents working the case, as well as DOJ attorneys on the case, unanimously believed that Clinton should have her security clearance revoked, with the “vast majority” believing she should be criminally charged. “It was unanimous that we all wanted her [Clinton’s] security clearance yanked,” the senior FBI official told Fox news. “It is safe to say the vast majority felt she should be prosecuted. We were floored while listening to the FBI briefing because Comey la

WATCH – ‘Bikers For Trump’ Hold MASSIVE Rally For Trump, This is AMAZING

2016 Election, US News
The ranks of the Bikers for Trump group are swelling. Patriotic bike fans from across the nation are doing their part to put a non-career politician and a true patriot in the White House. A recent Bikers for Trump rally drew hundreds of folks eager to offer their help and support to the outsider candidate. The keynote speakers for the event proudly stated that not only does Donald Trump have the support of bikers, but he is also the candidate of choice for our military men and women and our veterans.     Now that, my fellow patriots, is an endorsement that actually means something. Mainstream media pundits have worked themselves into a lather wondering (likely hoping) if the “unendorsements” by the GOP elite in Washington D.C. will sink Trump in the polls. “The b

TRUMP ON FIRE: Where Trump Is Heading Next Will Make Him President By Tomorrow!

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Donald Trump is leaving Hillary in the dust. She is gonna be coughing on his fumes and her pneumonia soon. Donald Trump is heading to visit the city of Flint, and it’s water treatment plant. He is going to go right to the epicenter of the city’s water crisis. *** You will not see this on the mainstream media. The Trump campaign has not announced official plans for the visit but is going to use it to get more voters on board the Trump Train. WELCOME FLINT VOTERS ON BOARD THE TRUMP TRAIN IN THE COMMENTS. Let’s show them some love. They have been stuck in a third world situation since April 2014 when the Flint River water wasn’t treated with corrosion-controlling chemicals. Thanks, Obama! If you remember, the river’s corrosive water leached into the city’s drinking water, an

“Bill Clinton Was Here”: The Elite One-Percent’s ‘Orgy Island’ Exposed

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The Elite One-Percent’s ‘Orgy Island’ Exposed If you can name it — it has likely taken place this the lavish private island off the coast of Puerto Rico which boasts a beautifully landscaped plush luxury estate complete with its own helipad, privy only to certain members of the global elite. Owned by Jeffery Epstein, a wealthy American financier and convicted sex offender, Little St. James Island appears to be somewhat of a gathering place and is a well desired hangout among key figureheads, actors and royalty to the likes of former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey and even Prince Andrew. Bill Clinton made multiple trips to Epstein's private island, Little St James (pictured), between 2002 and 2005 However, the people attending the lavish residence are likely do

BUSTED! Another Trump accuser caught lying and is tied to the Clinton Foundation!

2016 Election, US News
Please help clear Trump's name and share! Jessica Leads, one of the women that supposedly accused Donald Trump of "groping" them, has been caught up in her tangled web of what appears to be nothing more than lies. reports: Firstly, she claims that Trump LIFTED the “arm” on in first class seat and groped her. The problem with that story is that the armrests in 1980’s planes do not “lift.” Next is the tie that this old lady has with the Clinton foundation. She has the same phone number as the Clinton Foundation. Source @ (Link:

BREAKING! Wikileaks exposes the Assassination of Scalia and it could bring down the Clintons and the Democratic Party!

2016 Election, US News
For Trump's sake, please share this to get the word out. The corruption is immense! We need Trump elected to save our country! According to new WikiLeaks emails, three days before Justice Scalia died this email was sent, using the term "wetworks" - exclusively used in Military meaning "assassination". WET WORKS IS KGB TERM FOR ASSASSINATION. SHARE THIS NOW! US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dies, aged 79. Scalia died in his sleep at age 79 on the night of February 12 or the morning of February 13, 2016, following an afternoon of quail hunting and dining at the Cibolo Creek Ranch in Shafter, Texas. Conspiracy theorists suspected foul play. “We discovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head. His bed clothes were unwrinkled,” John Poindexter, the ranch owner

Breaking! Here Is The Proof The New York Times Trump Accuser Lied About The Sexual Assault

2016 Election, US News
The New York Times published an article claiming two woman had been sexually assaulted by Donald Trump. One of the woman claims Trump lifted the armrest on the seat of a plane next to her and began groping her. There is just one problem...   *Please Like and Share and Expose The Lies    

CNN Falsely Labeled Third Party Voters As “Undecided” In Post-Debate Focus Group

2016 Election, US News
Mainstream media’s dismissal of third party candidates seeks to convince the public that Clinton and Trump are the only choices available to voters. Following the first presidential debate, CNN held a focus group at the University of Richmond in order to gauge public opinion of the candidates based on their debate performance. However, the opinions of those who had chosen to vote for a 3rd party candidate were allegedly censored. According to Justin Smith, one of the focus group’s participants, those who said they would cast their vote for a third party candidate were intentionally mislabeled as “undecided” voters. Smith said that 12 of the 28-panel members, almost half, told CNN that they would be voting for a third party. However, once CNN saw the response, they decided to re-shoot th