CHINA DID IT! How China Just Helped Trump Will Make Kim Jong Un Tremble In Fear…

Tensions are mounting over in North Korea.

And the pressure is growing against the communist dictator, Kim Jong-Un.  While he parades bombs through his streets, in an attempt to bully the United States and the world, his bombs have been fizzling out when tested.

And in the meantime, after President Trump met with Chinese President Xi Jinping recently, saying afterwards “I believe lots of potentially very bad problems will be going away[,]” China has taken new action.

According to the Daily Mail, China has cancelled flights to North Korea by its flag carrier.  The Chinese government has denied political motivation for the cancellation;  however, the timing is quite telling.

Also, in a show by China that it will not support North Korea’s aggression, in February it turned back a shipment of coal from North Korea, worth a million, reported Financial Express.  China then announced that it was halting coal imports from North Korea, to comply with sanctions the United Nations had imposed.


It’s no coincidence that this pressure by China comes now that Donald Trump is in office.  He is a true leader and a brilliant negotiator, garnering support to stop North Korea’s dangerous bullying.

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