Look How the Supreme Court is Trying to ABOLISH Trump’s Presidency….This is Terrifying

The Supreme Court is trying to let the radical liberals take over America by invalidating President Trump’s election win. This would be a gross overreach of their power and would cause the next civil war.

Even when the vote fails, which it inevitably will, the liberal mainstream media will use it as a chance to attack President Trump with lie after lie causing the liberals to wage war of America.

The lawsuit was filed almost 4 months ago, in December, when a few members of the Occupy Democrats used it as a way to fight the President.

Nobody thought that the election would really have a shot at being done over again, because that is ridiculous right? Trump won fair and square. Apparently not in the eyes of the Supreme court.

Trump himself even declined to talk about it, because the notion that there would be any problems with his election win is totally ridiculous.

It doesn’t look like that ow however, because the Supreme Court has actually scheduled a time to listen to this hearing. This would be a very bad idea by the Supreme Court if they actually ruled against Trump. Hopefully the conservative judges that are on the panel can see that.

On March 17, the court will hear the petition filed by said people asking to invalidate Trump’s election win, and therefore having to do a redo of the entire ordeal. Please, liberals–we beg you, just stop with this nonsense. It is over.

It will only take half of the judges to vote that the petition is legally sound for this petition to then make its way to trial.

What do you guys think of this totally crazy story? Do you think that there is really a chance that Trump could have to redo the election again?


SOURCE: angrypatriotmovement.com