MERYL IS RUINED! Kellyanne Just Said The 1 Thing We All Wanted To Say To Meryl Streep!

Kellyanne Conway showed up on Monday morning on Fox & Friends and took down Meryl Streep after her nasty remarks at the Golden Globes.

If you didn’t see them, here you are via Associated Press. It looks like the video is broken, but hit play. It isn’t.

Kellyanne had to say to Meryl Streep. She said that ol’ Meryl Streep “sounds like 2014” and then she told Meryl that “election is over” and “she lost.”

*** Boom! You gotta watch this video right here right now! Click that play button and rejoice. Kellyanne just made Meryl Streep look like the witch that she is.

That’s why we are going to boycott Meryl Streep’s awful movies. We don’t need your big dumb opinions. You don’t stand for America. Why do people listen to these Hollywood idiots?! 

These celebrities don’t speak for normal people. #SHARE = Agree!


That’s why we are going to show Meryl Streep a thing or two.

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Goodbye, Meryl. Your career is over. Have a good retirement – Sincerely, Trump supporters.

Thanks, y’all! Let’s make this boycott go viral. (h/t Fox News)