Michelle Obama Just Made DESPICABLE Announcement – This Goes TOO FAR

The Obama’s Have Been Caught Partying With Bruce Springsteen

 Michelle Obama has not been in the news much as of late. Apparently she is trying to stay out of the public eye now that her husband is under extreme scrutiny. The Obama’s have been on a month long vacation on many small islands recently. They had signed a book deal worth millions and millions of dollars. Barack was said to have been writing during his vacation time. Michelle has been trying to stay quiet. But it has not been working for her too well apparently, as new photos have just been leaked.It has been reported that the Obama couple were seen partying with Bruce Springsteen, Oprah and Tom Hanks on a yacht recently. There have been photos leaked that show the couple posing for pictures on the boat. When will their vacation end? Apparently they never want to go back to work again after signing this book deal.This just goes to prove how obsessed Hollywood and the rest of the liberals are with Obama. While President Donald Trump and his administration are trying to fight ISIS and North Korea, the former President is too busy partying to even care. This is the kind of behavior we have come to expect from the Obama’s. They do not care about their country at all and are only interested in themselves.

Conservatives have been happy to see Michelle and Barack finally out of the news. But then a story like this breaks and that is all we hear about from the likes of CNN and MSNBC for the nest 2 days. When will this obsession with the Obamas come to an end. They offer absolutely nothing to our country, and get everything in return.

They should be ashamed of themselves for creating a nothing story like this. Are you tired of seeing these guys in the news?