Obama should be charged for treason – no doubt!

Obama should be considered as the definition for the word “treason” by most people. He’s committed a number of acts that it is starting to become hard to keep count. But in case you’ve started to doubt his terribleness, then the thing he did recently should refresh your memory.

He attempted to pass a last second law which would resettle Guantanamo Bay terrorists on American soil.

According to reports from the Associated Press, Congress sent Obama a $607 billion defense policy which bans moving Guantanamo Bay detainees to the U.S – something that Obama is trying to do since he was sworn in as president.


A final legislative approval to this measure was given by the Senate’s 91-3 vote. The House passed it with 370-58.

Of course, Obama can still veto the bill given he bypasses Congress all the time, but now he’s been stopped dead in his tracks.

He doesn’t like the Guantanamo provisions, and hasn’t made any threats of giving it a veto by now. Now, one may argue Obama can veto the bill given he bypasses Congress all the time, but here’s why he has been stopped dead in his tracks:

Obama does not like the Guantanamo provisions, but so far has not threatened to veto it. The votes from the House and Senate signal that if he vetoes the legislation, both chambers would muster the two-third majorities needed to override it, and he will receive an embarrassing blow that most presidents try to avoid at all cost.

An earlier version of the defense policy bill was vetoed by Obama, later resolves about whether defense spending increases should be accompanied by domestic programs boosts.

The fact that establishment Republicans challenged Obama for once is highly surprising, but this might be considered a sign that they’ll help Trump pass though laws to protect the American people.

If Obama got this his way, he was planning on locating these terrorists in Kansas, Colorado and South Carolina, where the detainees could be housed so the military prison in Cuba could be closed and out of business.