Trump Just Said The 1 Thing He Needs Us All To Do To Get Rid Of Obamacare Once And For All

If there’s something our President is not, it’s a quitter.

After his initial attempt at getting Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare, he indicated that he might just move on.  On Tuesday, however, he delivered a speech at a factory in Wisconsin, where he asked Americans to help him, reports the Daily Caller.

“Press every one of your Congressmen, press everyone[.]”

That’s right, Patriots!  Trump is going to keep his promises, but he needs our help.  He has made it clear that he wants to repeal, and replace, Obamacare with something even better.

Some of the provisions of Obamacare are beneficial and should remain  part of our healthcare system.  These  include no pre-existing conditions, no caps on benefits and being able to keep our children on our policies until they are  26.

Trump is once again using his  negotiation skills to make things happen.  His main problem with getting things going with healthcare reform has been with conservative Republicans who want to only repeal Obamacare altogether, reports the Washington Examiner.

But Trump knows that the beneficial aspects should remain, so he is opening up the idea of working with Democrats.  This is super smart, so that we can keep the beneficial parts, the parts that aren’t working can be fixed, and Americans can continue to move forward with getting the best healthcare system.

So be sure to call your Congress men and women and tell them you want them to vote to repeal and replace Obamacare,  to keep the no pre-existing condition aspect, as well as the no cap on benefits and keeping our kids covered on our plans until they’re 26!

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