TRUMP IS PI$$ED! He Just Destroyed Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel with 2 Sentences

The only reason President-elect Trump was not elected in the first place was because the people of America have a desire to be Bullsh*tted big time.

The reason why we picked Trump was because he was the only person that seemed like he could take problems head on and be ready for whatever unexpected situation comes out on top. Right now, Donald Trump is literally raging because the former Clinton strategist and Chicago Mayor Rahm are in his sights.

In case you were not aware, Chicago has suffered 762 murders 4331 shootings in just one year. This number tops both Los Angeles and New York combined.
Although Democrats don’t consider this a problem, Trump does, and by any chance he won’t stand with it. He took to Twitter to tell Emanuel exactly what he plans to do if he can’t fix Chicago immediately.

JACKPOT! If Emanuel isn’t able to fix Chicago by himself, Trump is going to have to step in and fix it for him.

If you ask us for our opinion, Washington should keep itself out of everyone else’s business unless the lives and freedoms of people are at stake. In this case, 762 murders in one single city do qualify for an intervention.

It seems a bit out of place for Chicago being Obama’s city and Obama not being even a bit concerned with their high murder rate. But if you ask us, Obama doesn’t care for himself anymore and let alone for his city.

This is why we stand with President Trump on this one. Please Trump, show them how it’s done and set Chicago straight. Too many people have lost their lives and many are still suffering.